Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • Lauren Conrad poolside at Wet

  • Muligan21
    Aug 9, 10:59 PM
    I am actually trying to find several Think Different posters for our new Mac Lab at our High School. I don't even mind if they are authentic and would actually prefer something more affordable.

    The Think Different posters would add a great touch but would like to find any Apple related posters I could frame and decorate our new lab.

    Thanks for any guidance and suggestions in advance.

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  • i want long hair. lauren

  • ViciousShadow21
    Oct 4, 10:00 AM
    Speaking of tv shows... so excited that Chuck is back on; hence this month's background.

    thats an intense background and i really like the dock icons but how do you know which is which? and where did you get them?

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  • Lauren Conrad Long Hairstyle

  • Macnoviz
    Oct 2, 01:49 AM

    Even though I believe .mac to be overpriced for the value, after buying a couple of iMacs for my extended family, I decided that it made sense to by a Family Pack license of .mac because the members of my extended family aren't that computer savvy, so making photocasting and sharing files as easy as possible was a priority.

    All the retailers I called had no stock on .mac retail boxes and told me they were on backorder. After placing an order a few days ago via the Apple Store online, the original ship date was estimated 1-3 weeks, but my order now shows an estimated ship date of October 24th.

    I can only hope that this means that the .mac service and retail boxes are going to get released in late October with new functionality. I'm not going to hold my breath, but I can't figure why something as simple as a .mac retail box with an activation code is backordered more than a month since placing my order unless something was afoot.

    I'll secretly wish for Merom MBPs at the same time of course. :D


    Very interesting, I think this deserves an article update

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  • Lauren Conrad#39;s New Hair Do

  • Manic Mouse
    Oct 11, 11:57 AM
    I don't think its fair that your studies are funded by the government and mine are not

    Unfortunately that's something I have no control over, take it up with your government. Remember, if you live in a democracy they work for you.

    I know i'm making money as an attorney, but so is Loren on the many, many other projects he has going on for him.

    So he should make Tweetie for free because he makes money elsewhere? Can you see where this argument falls apart? This would be like you representing people for free because you have a second job somewhere. Loren can charge whatever he wants for Tweetie because he made it, and people can decide whether or not they want to pay what he's asking. What he's asking is more than fair IMO, so I have no problem paying. How anyone could think that what he's asking isn't fair boggles my mind.

    My point is, each of us has our own lives to support, because really when it comes down to it, no one else is giving us a free ride...well except for you and thats not really fair.

    I'm not getting a "free ride". I will be working for the NHS for the rest of my life, that's why they help fund (and participate in) my education. It's estimated to cost around �250,000 to train a doctor, so if the NHS didn't pay for the training of their staff they wouldn't have any! I will add that I pay the same fees as all other university students (�3,250/y).

    Well then to educate you, in America, no one gets a free ride. We're all for ourselves here, and then we have to pay taxes up the ass for the people on welfare who mooch off of the welfare system without really doing anything. No ones gonna help me with my law school loans even though the work I am doing will benefit many, many people. I will get a small government salary (criminal prosecutors do not make a lot of money at all, thats why so many attorneys try to go to private practices and big law firms, to make that 6 or 7 figure income). Does that seem fair? No.

    Loren has complete control over what he asks for Tweetie, he's not dictated to like someone with a salary is. Salaries are dictated by supply and demand, capitalism, not fairness. So are app sales, if people don't think what Loren's asking is fair they won't pay it. But anyone that can say $3 isn't a fair price is silly.

    It's your decision whether you work at that salary, it's also the customer's decision whether or not they pay for the update. If the pay isn't fair then quit. If the app's too expensive (in your eyes) then don't buy it.

    In regards to criminal prosecutors, do you not have any form of trade union to fight for your cause (and salaries)?

    Loren is gonna be ok, whether he had charged for Tweetie 2 or not. He has many other things going on, many other products, and he gets paid for those lectures he does.

    So again, he should make Tweetie out of the goodness in his heart and give it away free? You don't know his situation and even if you did it's not your decision to make. He put the work in, he made the app and therefore he has the right to charge whatever he wants. Tweetie is a great product, one that he deserves to be compensated for. It's worth way more to me than the $6 it's cost me.

    In America, we thrive on customer satisfaction.

    And customer satisfaction should breed generosity, which translates into profit. I'm satisfied with Tweetie, hence I support it.

    I personally do not feel Loren did enough with Tweetie 1 in satisfying his customers before going ahead and charging full price for an "update." And his excuse that Apple didn't provide an upgrade path is a cop out. I read his tweet on the decision; he did it because he "had the balls to do it."

    What Loren meant was he had "the balls" to stand up to the toxic app store environment for developers. Which you will find most developers really support and admire him for doing so.

    He should at least go back to Tweetie 1 and upgrade that as much as possible until he can't anymore. He stated that he wanted to do things to Tweetie that were impossible to do without rewriting the app from scratch. Thats fine, but you can't leave your old customers out in the cold like he did. People paid for Tweetie 1 without knowing that Loren would be pulling this stunt off. Thats not fair to them, they deserve to be satisfied, they paid a fair amount and got ditched, bamboozled, baited and switched.

    They paid for Tweetie 1. They got Tweetie 1. They did NOT pay for constant updates which are at the discretion of Loren. They are NOT entitled to free updates for life, or x number of years. Again, that's at Loren's discretion. Loren did not leave customers "out in the cold". Tweetie 1 works just as well as the day he sold them it, and will continue to do so.

    I don't know where you got this idea of an entitlement to updates from, because it's nowhere in the contract you made when buying the app. You aren't entitled to free OSX updates, or for any other kind of software.


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  • imacintel
    Oct 21, 02:25 PM

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  • Trishul
    Nov 1, 03:53 AM
    i'm in the UK (North Wales), Ordered mine just under a week ago, it should be here in 2-3 hrs according to UPS' website, can't wait!! it's engraved too, so am very suprised i'm getting it this soon.

    Was expecting my mac pro yesterday, but cancelled the order due to news of upcoming 8-core, so unfortunately the first thing my shuffle will have contact with is a Windows iTunes installation (7.0.2 installing as i speak).. like driving a brand new car through some dirty back road, rather than a smooth coastal highway.

    iTunes installed, needs windows to restart, WTF.. stupid windows. :p


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  • jessica.
    Mar 27, 03:15 PM
    Ah armchair lawyers ... I thought something like this came up a long time ago but I couldn't find it through a search. Regardless, the auction clearly intended to deceive a buyer and for that alone, PP would side with the winning bidder.

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  • cocky jeremy
    May 1, 01:13 AM
    This is great news if it means the end of mobile me. Die Mobile Me - DIE DIE DIE. Anything will be better than the self centered sounding I simply will not use the email address in a professional context. Don't mind, and still use it, but sends the wrong message.

    The only "message" it sends is, "Hey, i purchased MobileMe."


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  • SheepShaver
    Oct 2, 10:03 AM (

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  • Jigglelicious
    Dec 10, 01:09 PM
    Yep it'll work fine.


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  • 0815
    Apr 13, 11:45 AM
    Can you guys answer 1 question for me?

    When the next iPhone does come out how will iPhone 4 Verizon customers be able to upgrade? Do you think that Verizon and AT&T will work out an early upgrade for them?

    Or do you think people who want the iPhone on Verizon will have already waited for the 5.

    There is no need to update your phone every year - updating every other year is just fine. People who really want to have the latest every year or so will have to pay the price for it. People buying the iPhone4 on Verizon were very well aware that the model might be outdated before the end of the year and still bought it knowing that - they probably don't plan getting the iPhone5 right away or were at least aware that this won't happen on a discounted price.

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  • jeffy.dee-lux
    Jan 10, 08:20 PM
    Volkswagen should bring the Polo to the US.

    That's a really good point, I'm surprised they haven't already. Everybody else is all over the b-segment now, and yet I haven't even heard a peep from VW about this possibility.


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  • Lauren Conrad Long Formal

  • AoWolf
    Oct 5, 05:01 PM
    Excellent sounding. I must admit I like vistas tab system (clicking the box to make a new tab. Not that there is a problem with a ?T but I sometimes I want to click.

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  • lauren conrad bob

  • rprebel
    Sep 3, 01:16 PM
    ...insufficient to fit 1920x1200 screen...

    Thanks by the way... ;)
    Here ya go.


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  • Is Long Hair Going Out of

  • creative78
    Sep 10, 12:49 AM
    Been using this one for a while now.

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  • Lauren Conrad Hair

  • adk
    Dec 28, 06:51 PM
    I'm trying to change my Idisk Icon, but I can't find it in candybar under volumes or applications. Any Ideas? I'm on a trial version of .mac right now if that helps.


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  • Lauren Conrad at the Teen

  • notromeel
    Mar 31, 01:36 PM
    Although this is pretty cool, being a Web Designer, I'll never see myself using this, manipulating with a finger is difficult, especially when it comes to creating web interfaces & getting accuracy, because you have to remember we are working with pixels, there is no way u can get the accuracy of a mouse through any tablet..

    Apart from that, even for professional photographers or those who do illustration I don't think they could make any real use out of this, at least not at this stage, we are use to using either keyboard (shortcuts) + mouse, or a wacom..

    Pixels +Fingers = :(

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  • CyberBob859
    Nov 19, 11:51 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Those iPad shipments mustn't fell off a truck.

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  • Sethii
    Apr 10, 04:15 AM
    So simple as that ?



    Sep 27, 01:11 AM
    Well, I'm paying 20� a year for a service in which I have unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited bandwidth, .net -domain, unlimited subdomains, SQL, php + cgi and 1 GB of storage etc. That 99� for .Mac doesn't cut it.. Of course I don't have .Mac synchronisation, but I've been doing fine with my bluetooth enabled phone.

    Nov 29, 01:39 PM
    Acting is hard. You only need to witness bad acting in one movie to understand this. For every A-list star, there are tens of thousands more out of work, because competition is tough and dependent on luck, too. But mostly, it comes down to supply and demand. I have no problems with actors getting 20 million a picture, they worked hard and there are only a handful of them, anyways.

    luv ya bunches, x0x0x0

    Wrong. Acting is easy. They are called fake players.

    Hmm... what was that Paris Hellton movie? Oh... house of wax...
    Britney Spears... hmm... okay... anyways

    Nov 19, 12:04 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    It goes to show you that they can still make a profit with $100 off. I guess the price gouging by Apple continues.

    Not necessarily, it could be a loss leader. Apple's margin on products is generally 35%, however.

    Jun 19, 12:39 PM

    Oct 26, 07:27 PM
    The new interface is now available. It's sweet!!!

    And check out the new address book.

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