Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • srarao
    09-05 08:34 PM
    any help - urgent

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  • kumar_459
    11-10 04:50 AM
    not a lawyer so take this with grain of salt.

    she need to request her passport back and can travel back on AP if it is urgent.

    VO has given back all the documents back to her including passport, when my wife said she has travel plans to go back early.

    My concern is when the administrative processing is completed, then how do we get the passport stamped or is there a way to withdraw the visa application.

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  • senk1s
    05-22 11:32 AM
    this thread is what you are looking for

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  • TomPlate
    07-05 02:10 PM
    All can file I-485 now. please go through this link.
    Did you got this news from where how when everybody asking?????


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  • MyGCPath
    10-23 01:37 PM

    I need advice/thoughts from you on some of the questions below. Any response will be really appreciated.

    1. Got my 485 approval and GC (phycical Card) in hand. What is next? Do I need to get a Infopass appointment and get stamped before any abroad travel?

    2. Before receiving 485 approval, my wife and kid went on a Vacation(abroad). Their H4 visa expired on passport, but they have h4 extension/approval till 2010? I was thinking of sending them to H4 stamping, but now that I have 485 approval for them, What should I do? Just bring them here and show GC at port of entry? (Ofcourse, I'll take their GC go abroad and bring them back)?

    3. Anything i should be aware or concern about these situation?

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  • guy_with_question
    08-14 02:47 PM
    Anyone here whose application was signed by BESCH?

    EB2 - India
    PD: Dec 2006
    I-140: Feb 9, 2007
    I-485: Jul 3, 2007 @ 9:04am, signed by BESCH
    Checks cashed - No
    Receipt - No


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  • sneha.shah
    05-10 01:41 PM
    Thanks for the response.

    I do have some other questions as well :
    1) So does it mean, if we apply for fresh h1 and once it's approved, we can stay for 3 years initially irrespective of L1 stay, for my case its' 13 months ? If not, how L1 stay affects initial h1 approval timings ?
    2) If I apply for h1, let say in June'10, and once it's approved what could/should be my joining date with new employer ?


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  • karlita
    01-01 07:58 PM

    I am a US Citizen who applied through I-130 form for my married daughter since 2001. She and her husband came here with a tourist visa in 2003 and they overstayed it for a period of 6 years. In the meatime, they had 2 americam kids. They are still in the USA.

    I am starting to receiving document from NVC to pay $70 for Affidavit of Support for their cases. I would like to know if an Adjustment of Status can be made for them here in the USA as the immigration does not know where they are right now. I presumed also that they can't return back to their country of origin cause they've been here for so long that they could get caught and get penalized. They have never been employed but received support from the family members and their kids received welfare aids.

    What can be done if I want to Adjust their status here? Thank you already for your answers.


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  • die_exquisita
    05-27 01:33 AM
    Thanks for the reply. But I guess I didnt frame my query properly. What I intended to ask was if the couple going to be married on a date x can fill up the forms online before wedding for an appointment on a date after their wedding?

    Thanks again!

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  • thakkarbhav
    02-09 10:17 AM
    For I485, you and your lawyer (name on current G28) will get copy of the RFE. If you are planning to continue with the new lawyer then pls complete G28. Thanks.


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  • dassumi
    09-03 11:22 AM
    I saw the democratic candidate debate yesterday, he does not look like he has a remote chance to stand up to her. She has this multi million dollar agenda and the good people of Arizona have bought into this BS. Sadly, she will be elected again.

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  • desibechara
    10-16 10:52 PM
    Finally after numerous logins at USCIS, I saw today..Request for additional Evidence sent
    on my I140..I only happen to see when some other guy with Eb3 Pd2005 and Rd of August 15 got his I 140approval...
    so I logged in to see ..I too have LUD

    I wonder what it may be because I had sent all my W2s since my PD of 2001..

    My friend from my company had also received RFE for TAX papers last year. She sent it and was approved..

    Hopefully I am too..because I never changed jobs working for the last 8 years....and had prior necessary experience before joining my current 1 year in current job

    PD Oct 29, 2001, RD aug 8, 2007


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  • Almond
    07-05 11:55 AM
    You'd have to reapply for I140 for the new company. The one you had approved for the old company will not be valid for the new company.

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  • sunny1000
    11-08 03:59 PM
    I have no US visa stamped in my passport and planning to fly Emirates to India via Dubai. I will use AP for re-entry. Do I need transit visa at Dubai like London and other European Airports? Response from anyone with experience will be appreciated. If already discussed here, guidance to particular forum will help.

    I have traveled by Emirates several times (last year was the recent one) and they did NOT require a transit visa.


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  • machita
    09-29 06:18 PM
    oh yeah, very helpful answer indeed.

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  • Kona Fan
    February 5th, 2005, 08:18 AM
    Nice group of shots Freddy! Now I know where these birds are from.....they have a few in the zoo near me but the sign never said what corner of the globe they were from.


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  • frostrated
    10-01 11:44 PM
    & who r u..... publicist for anti immigrants...... y r u doing ads for anti immigrants.....
    what makes you think that i am an anti-immigrant, and do you think that i am giving publicity. this is from an ad that i came across that says that 1.5 million immigrants are being brought into the country to work annually. i wanted to bring this to the attention of the forum so that we can do something to stop this false information propagation. otherwise, think about the hatred the american public will have when the time comes for CIR to be implemented. for every call we make, there will be 10 calls to oppose. unless we stand up and fight the misinformation, we are not going to see any progress. and maybe it is easy for you to label anyone as an anti-immigrant being an EB2. I lost out on my 2001 PD due to the mistake of my lawyer and am now saddled with a 2004 PD. Easy for you to talk, when you dont know the issues that those of us who are languishing for more than 10 years here are going through.

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  • n2b
    07-24 11:06 AM
    Hello Friends,

    I am working for a Company A and I have a Labor and I 140 approved for OCT 2005 EB2 through the same company.

    I filed my I 485 on July 2nd. Now I have a very good offer from Company B. I have following questions and I seek your help -

    1) Can I retain my PD?
    2) If yes, what are the requirements and what is the process to retain the old PD?
    3) Does the Company B have to file I 140 again?
    4) What if Company A pulls back their I 140? Can they?
    5) What are the risks?
    6) Has anyone done this and had a success?

    Friends, all your help is appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • andy garcia
    08-15 07:39 AM
    Thanks andy,
    One more question?
    Can i get an extension in US or do have to go to canada for my extesion?

    You will get the extension from the CIS here. You will only need to go to Canada if you want the visa stamped on your passport.


    11-09 09:43 PM

    07-30 06:28 PM
    you can enter the country even a day before your visa expires, but the main thing here is the i-94 stamp where the immigration officer puts the duration of your will be till your visa expiry date. so it is better for you to have an approval for the extension so that you can get to stay till the expiry of your visa. do premium processing or something, you still have time...

    i am not an attorney...check this out with your attorney...

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