Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • krithi
    05-26 01:55 PM
    whats the avg time to get FP notice after filing EAD online.


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  • GC4US
    06-11 01:47 AM
    Hello everybody,

    I just got an RFE for I-485...they are asking about marriage certificate and birth certificate...when I applied for I-485, I sent marriage certificate and birth certificate ..why they are asking me again to send?

    And can you tell me please what to do with the following.......Uscis sent me too an envelope where to put my documents for RFE.......but the docs dont fit in the small envelope...is it ok if I put my docs in a different and bigger envelope?

    My PD is sept 2005 ROW.
    If someone faced the same situation please help me with some advice.

    Thanks in advance

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  • TomPlate
    07-10 01:22 PM
    My company want to be neutral. They don't want me to join in the plaintiff. Best would be AILA talking to the company and asking their help.

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  • Rune
    May 20th, 2004, 02:54 PM
    This shot... Well, I think I like it. It came out the way I intended to anyway, but nah... I dunno. Guys?


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  • finmarnov
    08-14 02:55 PM
    My application was signed by BESCH as well on 07/05/2007 at 9:37 am

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-27 06:40 AM
    ComputerWorld (http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9142806/Court_orders_three_H_1B_sites_disabled) reports about a New Jersey judge that has ordered the shutdown of three H-1B opposition Web sites.

    Middlesex County Superior Court Judge James Hurley ordered firms that register domains and provide hosting services -- GoDaddy Inc., Network Solutions, Comcast Cable Communications Inc. and DiscountASP.Net, to disable the three sites, ITgrunt.com, Endh1b.com, and Guestworkerfraud.com. Facebook Inc. was also ordered to disable ITgrunt's Facebook page.

    The order was made in response to a libel lawsuit filed by IT services and consulting firm Apex Technology Group Inc., based in Edison, N.J. against the three Web sites opposing the H-1B visa program (http://www.h1b.biz/lawyer-attorney-1137085.html). Such attacks on H1B supporters increased last year as the economic situation was gloomy, and prospects for employment were not looking good. Yet, we all know that the H1B program is not the cause of all evil and in fact is a boosting factor in creation of new jobs and opportunities for American workers. Lets hope that the antis will take it easy in 2010, and focus on the real issues at stake.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/01/h1b_visas_judge_rules_to_shut.html)


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  • fromnaija
    06-15 11:30 AM
    And your source is???

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  • wandmaker
    06-23 10:09 AM
    You will say 'YES' for yourself and 'NO' for your dependents. Immigration petition is nothing but I-140, if any of your family members have filed I-140 then answer would be 'YES'


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  • paskal
    08-26 11:28 AM
    Please hear this to try and appreciate the magnitude of the problem
    And please come to DC and join your friends, coworkers and fellow members of iv in registering our protest over the broken system.


    Don't miss the IV members taking part in the discussions!!

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  • swamy
    12-12 08:25 PM
    Just my thought for what its worth.


    please stop thinking then


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  • MetteBB
    05-10 01:45 PM
    2nd stamp

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  • kate123
    11-04 02:05 PM
    You are wrong.. all the applications will go to Atlanta processing center irrespective of company's location..

    Right now Atlanta Processing Center processing May 2008 priority date for clean cases....for audited cases July 2007...
    It's not true that all the cases will got to Atlanta Processing Center ...if any case that has been auidted will be moved to Atlanta Processing Center.


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  • sb1122
    10-06 09:08 PM
    thanks for the reply. but she cannot wait for the i539 to be processed as it is taking more than 1 year for that. She cannot wait that long. Is there anyway to transfer unveirstiy with pening i539.

    If not, then what is the way to cancel this i539. We do not want to send her outside the country.

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  • milind70
    03-12 04:06 AM
    I would suggest that take an info pass and meet an immigration officer and explain the situation to him personally and if possible given him a written explanation too. What i find a little wired that when you applied for extension you did not notice that that I 94s got exhanchged and even if you did you went ahead and applied for extansion. In my opinion never apply for extension as the applicants next visit is in jeopordy irrespective of result of extnsion of i 94 .


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  • dollar500
    08-14 08:32 PM
    I live in NJ and my application was recieved on July 2nd. would that be Nebraska or Texas SC?

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  • gveerab
    08-14 12:12 AM
    I got my EB3 I-140 approval after I applied my I-485 with later PD EB2. Our lawyer sent a letter to USCIS, but there is no confirmation from USCIS. Please let me know, if there is any way to check the PD.



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  • vsrinir
    09-16 03:23 PM
    I called TWICE, and planing to call till tomorrow as many as times.


    Thanks for sharing links on different threads. My only question to you is, did you call seeking support for HR5882?

    If not please do so, everything else can wait. Let's do our part folks.

    .................................................. ......
    $470 + done all IV initiatives religiously.

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  • srd
    02-07 01:20 PM
    My wife and kids are finished there FP, I am still waiting for those to come.

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  • up_guy
    08-22 05:24 AM
    appreciate any feedback or comments on law firm www.morganlewis.com
    for Ac21 and GC etc..

    04-20 11:04 PM
    Hello guys,
    I am sending my family based I-485 on May 1. currently i am on h1b . My h1b approval (I-797A) is valid till April 15, 2009. my h1b extension is already pending with USCIS. My Question is :::----

    Is there gonna be any problem with USCIS since my h1b approval already expired?? what will be my status after i filled my I-485?? Can i legally stay in US after filing family based I-485 even my h1b extension get denied.???


    08-03 08:52 AM
    I am working for a company A with whome I have gone ahead and resigned with them i also filed my GC and 485 is still pending with them and also have EAD through them, recently i got offer from Company B which i accepted and they have gone ahead and filed my H1 Tranfer but recently i got one more offer from Company C which is much better.
    What should be done in this scenario,should i again file for H1 Transfer through Company C or will it mess up my case even more

    Join Company C since it is better offer. Look for your benefits..always.:)

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