Sunday, August 22, 2010

Still Life Photography Colors

Still Life Photography is the amazing skill of photographing inanimate objects, often as an arrangement on a small set. While this gives the photographer more control over the photo, it is difficult work and takes a lot of skill in lighting, setup, and vision to pull off shots like those listed below.

The Still Life Gallery is one of my favorite photography galleries on dA. After looking through 10,080 photos.. here is a collection of some of the most wonderful work of all time that our talented community members have to offer.

Cooling Blues

Citrus Fires

Berry Creme Pinks

Blood Reds

(Un)Earthly Greens

Caffeinated Browns

Clinical Whites

Deconstructed Grays: Brooding Black and Whites

Deconstructed Spectrum: Brilliant Rainbows

Hope you like..

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