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Revert to Type Striking Typographic Sculptures, Architecture and Furniture

I think you will all know my weakness in design often comes down to typography and text art in particular. So much so that I have personally developed the idea to have typography merge into furniture design through kids chair designs. The idea is still formulated in CAD form, but more on that later. Architecture and furniture can take advantage of typography in conveying a message, speaking directly to its user.

Couldn’t there be a chair designed which spelt out ‘sit’ or a couch which spelled out the word ‘relax.’

I would love to see a bed design which was a bunch of ‘z’s.’

This showcase and roundup of exciting furniture and architecture shows off some ideas which have taken inspiration through typography on a large scale. I hope you are as inspired and excited as I was checking these concepts and projects as me!

Roadshow Audi A1 Barcelona

Found on Mymodernmet

Aimed at targeting the young urban crowd of Audi drivers, this marketing campaign helped launched the new Audi A1. This campaign on the Barcelona Waterfront combines Audi brand space with what Audi describes as a ‘theatrical driving experience.’

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Andrew Byrom: Letter Box Kite

Found on Design Boom

Andre Byrom takes a three dimensional approach in his creation of building and forming letters, this kite project is just one of several projects created by the Californian based English designer.

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Andrew Byrom: Grab me + Interior Lights

Found on Design Boom

In a separate article found on Design Boom, we seem yet more typographical creations by Andrew Byrom. I would really love to work under this guys tutelage, this work is truly brilliant!

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Marc Ruygok: Typographic Sculptures

Found on Design Boom

These sculptures from the Dutch artist Marc Ruygrok use letters and words to create impressive sculptures. His work which he has been producing since the eighties have used these core elements to create monumential, site-specific sculptures.

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Hollywood Sign Hotel Concept

Found on Toxel

Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening here right? That would be a pretty sweet idea, and something that shouldn’t limit the concept to Hollywood either!

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Chris La brooy: Lorem Ipsum Lamp

Found on Chrislabrooy

I stumbled upon this lamp design whilst looking at Chris’ personal online site, he has a really interesting design portfolio and this won’t be the only design I’m going to showcase of his. This lamp much like the design you will see later on chooses to have the text art replace the usual shape of the lamp shade. The text isn’t linear and flowing with sharp lines to define a definite shape, instead it give a more fractured shape and something which I feel makes the design much more appealing. I would love to have this adorning my living room.

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Ebon Heath: Typographic Mobile Sculptures

Found on Vision Widget

This Brooklyn based artist choose to create complex mobile which are made from a mix of letters and words. The typographic designs are breaking free 2D text into space which its engages with a much more physical environment, which is interactive with the user. The artist Ebon Heath describes the structures as ‘a physical representation of our language as object.’

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Write the Future (Nike): Sick System

Found on Curated Mag

The alter-ego of Moscow graffiti writer Aske. This sculpture combines two of the graffiti writers talents – installations and typography. Putting his own spin on the Nike Campaign ‘Write the Future.’

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Richard Evans: Typography Sculpture

Found on Definative Touch

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Typography Refinado

Found on Design You Trust

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Talk Typographic Sculpture: Andy Mangold

Found on Andy

Andy Mangold describes this great pixelated sculpture as a culmination of his love for type and wood. The word talk has been created in a pixel based font which was self-designed, and then constructed completely with 2 inch sections and dowel joined together.

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Tadao Ando 3d Type

Found on

This design by Chris he has based around the architecture of Tadao Ando, the favourite building are picked out to develop expressive letter forms.

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Helvetica 3D Type Design

Another contribution to the ever expanding helvetica image archive. The industrial architectural style with it’s rough cast concrete is a perfect fit for helvetica HQ.

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Oscar Niemeyer 3D Type

This design is further inspired and based around the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer, this again features his favorite buildings; Cathedral of Brasilia, Niteroi Contempory Art Museum and more.

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Bauhaus 3D Type

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Student Work Found on Coroflot

Julie Young American Typewriter Chair

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Peter Haggard Typography Coffee Table

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‘A’ Typography Chair: Kids Alphabet Furniture Design

Self initiated chair design, designed and rendered with Solidworks. The idea is that several different lettered chairs would created and targeted towards Pre-school children to aid with learning and development.

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Nicole Lahy ‘Snow White’ Paper Type

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Jay Querica ‘I am the River’

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Work Found on Behance

Dharma Lounge Palette Industries

Described by the people at Palette Industries as a fruition of exploration between using text as both structure and decoration. The chair purpose is “to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal and communal experiences and memories thus substantiating the lifespan of the product.”

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The Camus Lamp Palette Industries

For more information on this and other palette industries products check out

Typographic Sculpture Amrita Marino

Found on Behance

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