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Mac vs PC for Graphic Designers II
- A great thread on our graphic desing message boards about Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC - Mac vs PC - What types of buyers should consider an iMac? Weigh in on the age-old Apple vs. PC debate and help computer users make the right buying decision.

Mac vs. PC III: Mac Slaughtered Again - Dell has just introduced a new workstation featuring the latest Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor with hyperthreading and faster PC1066 RDRAM. Accordingly, we decided it was time for another Mac vs. PC duel, created especially for digital video editors and compositors.

Macs vs PC - A lot has happened during the past 18 years. The Cold War ended, mobile phones appeared, Diff'rent Strokes went off the air and Lara Croft became a sex symbol. Yet during this time the battle over which are better, PCs or Macs, continued to rage.

Mac vs PC, which is better? - Quite frequently we get letters and calls from computer users all over the world asking "which computer should I buy" or "which is best, Mac or PC."

REVIEW: Fastest G5 Power Macs versus Fast Windows PCs - Though the goal is to shed light on how high end G5 Power Macs compare to high end Windows PCs, this article tends to generate some heat as well. Though the comparision never pleases everyone and though it continues to be a slippery slope, we keep trying anyway.

Mac vs. PC, a small cost comparison experiment - Some of you may recall my last blog, about the new "cost efficient" computers... I received many mails about it and thank you for your feedback. Within these mails was one of my PC friends who, somewhat jokingly, asked me to show him how I got to such a conclusion.

Mac vs. PC: What War? - A female friend of mine called me the other day. If you think about it for a second, this is normally not a big event. It could happen on any day, and even when two friends decide to get together and have some fun (it is not what you are thinking), there are seldom any consequences. Except when such a call makes you realize how wrong people can be at times.

Mac vs. PC: It Boils Down to Personal Preference - Although subtle differences in operation and software compatibility do remain between the Macintosh and an IBM-compatible PC, many experts and veteran users are saying the debate these days more or less boils down to loyalty, personal preference and marketing.

Mac G5 benchmarking Adobe Photoshop CS comparing with Dell Windows - Professor Nicholas Hellmuth at the FLAAR digital imaging facility affiliated with the Center for Applied Technology lab at Bowling Green State University has organized a comprehensive speed comparison testing and benchmarking of performance of Adobe Photoshop.

Mac vs. PC Platform Passion - I've been noticing that there is something of an attempt to draw a line between PC users and Mac users. Phrases like "Mac users have a deep relationship with their machine" seem to be common. But what these people are ignoring are the simple things that show that die-hard Mac users and PC users aren't really all that different.

Apple Macintosh or Dell PC with Windows - Professor Nicholas Hellmuth needs to decide what computer platform is best for a university digital imaging teaching computer lab?

Photoshop 5.5 Performance: Apple G4/500 & Dual G4/450 vs Pentium III 1GHz - Is it fair to test a 1GHz PC against a 500MHz G4 Mac? Of course not.

Mac vs PC for Imaging - As a digital imaging consultant I get the Mac vs. PC questions routinely. I personally work on both platforms. There is no question that the Mac platform is much better suited for imaging, both from an OS standpoint and the QUALITY of software available.

Mac Vs PC for Video Editing - Mac Vs PC is one of those arguments that gets religious: the proponents of either side argue their corner with the fervor of the converted; facts tend to get lost in the melee. Into this religious turf war steps Digital Producer, with a series of tests pitting a dual G5 Mac against a dual Opteron PC in a number of common video editing applications. I won't spoil the outcome for you (although Mac devotees may want to look elsewhere), but it’s certainly food for thought.

Mac vs PC Systems Requirement - Regarding Processor "Speed," Megahertz Ratings, and Benchmark Tests

Mac vs. PC: Which Is Faster? - Lately, Apple's been on a roll, with iMacs flying off the shelves and the company's stock price more than double what it was at the beginning of this year. In addition, the company has loudly claimed that its G3 processor is superior to Intel's Pentium II chips.

Windows vs Mac Monitor Gamma - Windows monitors are a bit darker than Mac monitors, therefore if you're sending an image to a client of yours who is using Windows you might want to consider correcting the Gamma of your image to make sure your client sees similar range of colors as you do on your Mac.

Graphic Design Careers and What Does Macs have to do with it? - A forum with the answer to the question of why do you need a mac as a graphic designer

A report on processing performance - In January 2003, we published a report comparing the processing performance of the Mac and the PC in pro digital photography. At that time, a single processor Pentium 4 PC was shown to be considerably quicker at a variety of tasks than a dual processor G4 Mac.

Why is Mac Best for Graphic Design? - Forum question and answer - Not trying to start any debates or arguments here, but going into a graphic design career in a couple years, i'd really like to know why macs are better than pc for graphic design. I asked a girl in my class the other day who just purchased a g4 notebook why she got a mac, and she just said she bought it because they're better for what we're going to be doing. She couldn't explain any further than that, and no one else has been able to tell me anything either. Before i take the dive and actually buy one of these things, i'd like to know why.

Mac vs. PC for graphic designer - Forum topic: I really want to switch over to a MAC! I have had it with windows! I need some pros and cons. I mainly use my PC for digital photo. home publishing, graphic design and of course the net. Would a mac be better?

Why Should I Purchase a Mac vs. PC? - Pros and cons forum on mac vs pcs.

Why are Macs better for Graphic Design than WinPC's? - Forum Q& A -Why are Macs better for Graphic Design than WinPC's?

PC vs. Macs Revisited - The debate rages everywhere: in print, on the Web, in newsgroups, in mailing lists, whenever designers get together. Which platform is better? My answer, as seen in my very first feature, is neither.

Best PC for Graphic Design - What PC desktop I should get for a new graphic and Web designer?

Computing's Holy War - The battle between proponents of Macintosh and IBM PC computers has for many years resembled a religious war, and as in all religious wars, much of the rhetoric has been driven more by ignorance than knowledge.

Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer - This guide isn't specifically for graphic designers wanting to buy a computer, but it is a guide for anyone wanting to buy a comptuer

Information architecture versus graphic design - Much web design has suffered from an over reliance on graphic design principles. Too many graphic designers have tried to force the Web to be what it is not, in the process creating ineffective and sometimes unusable websites. Quality web design is driven by information architecture design principles. Graphic design should support these principles.

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