Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • noservice2001
    Oct 10, 04:45 PM

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  • SynPiekarza
    Mar 28, 02:28 PM
    I do not think this is a bad move. I mean, Apple seems to believe (and so do I) that App Store will eventually be the best way to distribute apps for developers and to buy/get them for consumers. All they need to do now is get it up to speed. So they force developers to submit their apps to the App Store.

    About "App Store only apps on Mac OS X", hmm.. I don't think Apple will make the same mistake twice. They once fell back because of lack of software for their system. They will be forced to have App Store rules flexible enough so that users can easily find all sufficient apps there. If they can't install them, they will switch platforms. If they do, Apple loses.

    Either way, the user kind of wins so I wouldn't worry too much about it ;)

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 26, 08:20 AM

    <cynical> Acting for the video? </cynical>

    Seriously, at indicated above with the drive-through mugging, look no further than your nearest lawyer, for this American phenomena of people sitting on their hands when there is trouble.

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  • RedTomato
    Mar 26, 04:47 PM
    Good luck getting it back.

    I've realised most thieves steal near where they live, as it's where they hang out and see opportunities. (no they've never heard of not ******** in their own nest)

    I had my bike (only a month old) stolen last week from my front yard (it was heavily locked and bolted to the wall. They cut through the wall bolts with croppers). I assumed it was gone, until I bumped into a teacher who lives on my road.

    She said it was possibly a group of rude boys who live at the end of my road - she said the police had visited her school to talk to them three times in one week.

    I had a quick peek in their backyard, and I can see what LOOKS like the back wheel of my bike behind a wall. :mad:

    Hmm. Not worth contacting police, I have no proof it's my bike (brought it cash at a market, no receipt, stallholder brought it at a police auction).

    I don't fancy going in either, I'm 32 with a daughter and I don't want to get stabbed over a crummy bike. :(

    I can only imagine you're feeling the same way. (You have more proof, but police still won't act.)

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  • benbow
    Aug 11, 12:27 AM
    The 23" display is now $999
    The 30" display is now $1999

    Apple could fill that $1000 hole with a nice 26" cinema display. It would be perfect in our household.

    Are there "25-27" LCDs out there that Apple could sell for say $1499? Has Dell or HP filled this hole yet?

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  • Digitalclips
    Oct 1, 10:54 AM
    If I touch it on the southwest corner will it not work? ;)

    You have to grip it hard silly.

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  • eva01
    Sep 7, 08:15 PM
    Jobs in 2008 is that what i am hearing. YAY president Jobs.

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  • Object-X
    Sep 25, 11:20 AM
    Why are people rating this news as negative? It seems like a decent update to a good program, and it's free for existing Aperture users. What were you expecting?

    Because they didn't announce MacBook Pro's with Core 2 Duo! Why else?

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  • hob
    Jan 9, 01:42 PM
    I was gonna say this thread feels like an AA meeting, but it's more like we're all waiting for our next dose of crack or something... :p

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 29, 09:07 PM
    Will the Macbook Air 2011 get it? Hope so.

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  • ChrisA
    Sep 26, 11:42 AM
    In a perfect world it would figure out your specs and use what it can.

    Then it is pretty much a perfect world.

    The guts of the Image Units are written in a subset of OpenGL Shading Langage and run on either the GPU or CPU as is appropriate for the hardware. But I don't know the gradularity. I think it is on a per Image Unit basis. So (say) "Gamma Adjust" might run on the GPU while "Perspective Transform" might run on a CPU. Where it runs is different dependiig on what hardware you have. Tiger's Core Image has about 100 Image Units and there is a way for programmers to add more. It is reasonable to asume that Aprture adds some of it's own.

    This stuff is explained in some detail at

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  • Brien
    Mar 28, 05:03 PM
    I think we are headed towards a "locked down" OS X, FWIW.

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 5, 03:18 PM
    An app that brings all the things I hate together. Lovely. I know advertising is a necessary evil but an app that just displays ads? Biggest WTF of the year. I mean really, who the hell could this be marketed to? People that just enjoy looking at tiny, crappy advertisements? No one is that boring or unproductive.

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  • 8CoreWhore
    May 2, 02:19 PM
    is there any way we can view our own tracked info. it would be cool to see where i have been.

    There are GPS apps that allow you to leave "breadcrumbs"... a trail of your travels with data like avg speed, distance, etc.

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 27, 09:34 PM
    heck, you know there's a motherboard out there that can hold 2 x i7 980x for $600 i think. now that would be awesome - but just 2 processors and motherboard would cost over $2600

    I thought about that, getting one cpu now and getting another one down the road, but the board was only $200 ( in this case maybe 2 systems would be better than one - if I get another one down the road or if Apple EVER gets around to making a new Mac Pro :rolleyes:

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 12, 09:12 AM
    For my work I need word and office, so replacements are not feasible. We use custom plug-ins that obviously will only work in an office app and nothing else.

    I'm a little behind the curve as I'm running MS office 2007 on my windows partition and I've had little need to upgrade to 2010. That's why I'm a little out of the loop regarding ads in office.

    Fair enough.

    No body is going to scold you for misinformation. :cool:

    We all make mistakes, you see? :D

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  • NewSc2
    Oct 3, 06:08 PM

    The people I have spoken to who use PC's are not nerds or power users, however, they do have monitors that work perfectly fine and want to use them. Why would someone purchase a 20" iMac when they already have sitting on their desk a 12 month old 19" LCD? They may not all need expandability (or really understand what that means) but they are of the mind set that they must have the option. These people are simply not considering Apple computers because of the lack of an upgradeable computer that is under $1500 (the mini is not easily upgradeable unless you happen to be one of those nerds you are refering to). The gap between the mini and the Mac Pro is enormous in both power and price yet there is nothing in the middle price/power range. Simply dismissing this catagory of people will not convince them to buy an iMac. Further, saying the operating system will convince them to switch is a moot point if they never buy the computer in the first place.

    My friends, family, and co-workers are all interested in this "OS X thing" but get turned off at the price of the Pro, the lack of power of the mini, and the all in one of the iMac. This is what I am seeing, and Apple is losing sales because of it.

    The Mini is pretty powerful. Sorry to discount your argument, but I think that it's more than enough for people out there that aren't power users/computer nerds. Heck, my dad runs engineering software all day long on his Pentium 3 733mhz, 256MB RAM computer and doesn't feel the need to upgrade.

    It being in a small case is even better for the common user. Maybe to us, a small case seems like a bad computer, but the specs are similar to MacBook specs, which seems like enough for almost all users out there.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 8, 07:23 PM
    Another reason it been held off on is that type of stuff does tend to eat up Hard drive space quickly.

    Yeah, that's one of the main reasons. Because you can't use such a feature with an external drive anyway.

    After all, Time Machine doesn't work with any exter . . . oh wait.

    No, no, false alarm. It's alright. My Time Machine in OS X is able to write to an external drive of any size only because aliens from the future hacked into my Mac and rewrote the code while I was sleeping.

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  • dynamo22
    Oct 6, 12:26 PM
    wow first the Verizon network has the most 3G coverage, now they say that BlackBerry's run better on it too! I think big red is looking really good come December :p

    Oct 3, 07:49 AM
    You'd expect Jobs would have some sympathy for the guy, what with his phreaking days before Apple.

    Yeah, right.

    When Real Networks did something similar, they were accused by Apple of "using the same tactics of a hacker", and that wasn't intended as a complement. When I read that, my first thought was "Where is Woz when you need him?"

    Apr 27, 07:45 PM
    I have to say this thread has me captivated. First time ever..... code talk went from learning code to pooping in a pool within 3 pages.

    By this point I would have expected Nekbeth to have called us "Nazis" instead of "Pros" in order to satisfy Godwin's Law ('s_law).

    Which of course I have now done. :p ;)


    Jul 21, 12:40 PM
    But Apple admitted that it DOES drop more calls than 3GS.

    They spun it as "less than 1 per 100", but assuming all 3,000,000 iPhone 4 users make about 5 calls per day, that's over ONE MILLION dropped calls per week MORE than iPhone 3GS.[/I]

    That total number is meaningless to the end user. The Average user will make 100 calls on a 4 and 100 on a 3GS and not see a difference.

    It's also a number that could change from week to week depending on all sorts of nebulous factors. This week the stats might favor the 4 by 1 call for all you know.

    Oct 28, 05:37 PM
    Isn't a healthy chunk of OS X based on FreeBSD? A free, open source Unix distro? In a sense, if they use FreeBSD and do not contribute back to the very open source community they're borrowing from, doesn't that make Apple a thief? Maybe I'm missing something :o

    Sep 28, 10:58 PM
    Here is a pic of his office in 1982.

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