Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • KnightWRX
    Mar 25, 11:07 AM
    Excuse my ignorance, but does an OS that runs lil' apps on a poxy hand-held computer scale up to run full-blown applications (think FCS) on a multi-core, heavy-hardware computer?

    Linux ring a bell ? ;) Linux runs on everything and does just fine (be it the lowly SoC based embedded system using a BusyBox userspace or that massive supercomputing cluster built with thousands of nodes).

    OS X and iOS already share a lot of internals. It's mostly in the userspace where the differences lie.

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  • Melrose
    Mar 9, 08:15 AM
    Yes, and you don't have to look too far to find examples of that ;)

    ...well in that case it sure puts a new perspective on presidential elections w/ mass hysteria.

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  • SFStateStudent
    Oct 7, 11:33 PM
    I have not had a single dropped call. I can also finally browse the web without Safari crashing all the time.

    Oh yeah; my dad can take your dad 24/7.....lol:p

    Does Safari come with your BB?:confused:

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  • Chundles
    Sep 12, 08:11 AM
    what time is the event on in Australian ESTD ?????

    3am for the four hundredth billionth time.


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  • Rogzilla
    Jan 10, 06:27 PM
    One more thing...
    iTablet. Kicks Wacom Cintique out of the game. Supports stylus and finger gestures. Pressure sensitive. 8-12" in size. Runs iWork and Adobe Creative Suite support coming soon. Thinest Mac ever. No optical drive, but not sure about a hard drive.

    Dude...I think I have have just soiled myself. That is exactly what I want! *whines* JOOOOOOBS! I WANT IT!

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  • TeppefallGuy
    Aug 2, 11:22 AM
    I'm sorry but most people (I'd say 99.9%) can't hear the difference between a CD and a 128kbps AAC file.

    Heck, we got people still using 128kbps MP3 for crying out loud. If they heard any difference (or if it really sounded like crap) we'd see them using 256kbps MP3 instead. Granted, the encoder makes a huge difference, but most files you see on P2P networks are 128kbps.

    128 M4A (on my system) cuts the top and bottom out and leaves the middle range intact. Maybe it�s my Sennheiser setup or something but 128 actively alters electronic music, rap and nu metal/rapcore. If you only listen to iTunes you�re in for a shock if you go to a concert.

    I think M4A was designed for pop pop pop music :)


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  • SevenInchScrew
    Nov 28, 05:16 PM
    But think of it this way. The average amount of kills you get per napalm strike, mortar team and valkyrie rockets are get on average same amount of kills as rc-xd.
    I disagree. At least in the many games I've played so far, getting multi-kills with the RC-XD is pretty rare, whereas the Napalm and Valkyrie are pretty much a 2-3 kill, at least.
    Getting 3 kills per rc car is also nothing rare in a domination or hq game.
    Then my previous statement is given more credence. If 3-4 people on a team are still standing around, all huddled up, even AFTER the call-out for the RC-XD, then they deserve to get multi'd.
    ....and how it guarantees kills
    They can be stopped, in many ways, whereas most other killstreaks can't. Plus, there really isn't any other offensive Killstreaks in the lower kill range, as they are mostly only defensive. If they made it a 4-5 killstreak, people who aren't as good at the game would never get to do anything fun like that. And then, as well, only the people who ARE good at the game would get to possibly add kills to their total.

    I think it all really boils down to how people play the game. Despite the size of the maps, you can't just run around on the offensive all the time. Listen for the call-outs from the other teams killstreaks, and respond defensively when appropriate. Spy planes or choppers coming? Shoot them down. RC, Napalm, Mortar, Dogs or Valkyrie Rockets? Get indoors and hide, and defend your position for a few seconds.

    The only killstreak with a limited counter is the SR71. If someone has a Counter Spy Plane, they can jam the Blackbird, otherwise nothing can stop it. But really, that person has already killed your team 7-8 times, so you've sort of brought it upon yourself.if we are talking about killstreaks: the huey chopper gunner red highlighting needs to go
    Make a Custom Class with Ghost, problem solved. Hell, equip that same class with the Strela, and not only will the various Choppers not shoot you, but you can then bring it down so it stops killing your team as well.

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  • JoeBlau
    Sep 18, 10:38 PM
    Blogging isn't journalism...Bloggers should be treated as they are - private citizens under no journalistic fact or ethics obligations.

    Actually that is not quite accurate as bloggers are not people.

    In any event, people need to lighten up. The self-righteousness exhibited in this forum would be quite amusing if it was not so sad. CES is one massive, pompous, over-wrought technology advertisement, and you are all crying at some schoolboy prank interrupting some guy's presentation.

    And just to re-iterate, bloggers are non-professionals hacks that should never be taken seriously in any professional media circles.


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  • twoodcc
    May 16, 08:07 PM
    Thanks I have it all configured now, I have been doing a3 units all along. Can't wait to complete my 10 units. Hopefully this should boost the ppd from my i7 as it currently is doing 850-900ppd.

    nice! did you get your passkey?

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 28, 02:46 PM
    well i really don't blame Apple on this. with the piracy around and all


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  • lordonuthin
    May 10, 09:02 PM
    But you loose the bigadv unit every time almost no?

    That is true, unfortunately with my new i7980x I haven't gotten any bigadv units yet, I may need to reinstall folding to see if that works, which means losing a normal unit... And most of the problems were before I had folding going anyway.

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Nov 16, 07:57 AM
    I go on how good their logo is...

    ...they must be way off.


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  • roadbloc
    Mar 10, 12:07 PM
    In case you haven't noticed, they've redefined computing almost overnight.

    I think you're the only one who's noticed that. I haven't yet. I've yet to even see an iPad outside the Apple Store.

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  • wyatt23
    Jan 12, 01:35 AM
    I'm sure you're not a journalism professional. I don't think the point of this should be whether it was funny or not. Fine, you found it funny, others didn't, that's the nature of jokes. The point is: the press observes. One cannot observe something without influencing it or changing it in some, at least, small way. But it is not the business of the press *to set about to* change or influence that which they observe.

    i'm not a journalism professional, i'm an electrical engineer major (about to graduate). something like this is funny. yes it's disruptive. did it cost millions to companies? doubtful. Perhaps security should be better. Allowing a few people to easily ruin presentations and shut down walls of displays is an absurd thought. that shouldn't be able to happen at an event of this size. perhaps, a company should be aware of cheap hacks that can foil their displays. it was stated on this thread the rs-232 ports are designed for features like this. use em.

    ban the individual jerk(s) that did this. not the whole blog.


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  • Evmanw
    Apr 22, 01:11 PM
    Just to make a point of how stupid this whole thing is I voted every one of Arn's posts negative.:)

    And you are why this system won't work.

    I do like the system though. Just hours before the buttons were added, I was wishing there was a like button because a post was really helpful. ;)

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  • EagerDragon
    Oct 11, 11:46 AM
    If the rumor is true and the video iPod is relased soon, Microsoft better be ready to lose more than $50.00 a unit. Apple may lower the price of the older iPods and the the Video iPod around the same price of their top level iPod (5.5G).
    That will throw another:D monkey wrench on the works, LOL.


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  • netcastle
    Jan 8, 10:21 PM
    This is what I hope:

    A mac mini tower (basically a mini with more room for ram, 3.5" SATA slots, and better graphics) because I need one.

    iPhone SDK

    Ultra thin Macbook announcement

    Something to do with the @TV and Blu-ray

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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 11:34 AM
    You are kidding right? There's a whole guide on "next Tuesday" right here on MR.

    His entire comment was in a joking manner, but that part he meant. :p

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  • asdf542
    Apr 29, 02:35 PM
    They won't make Lion "uninstallable" on it. But it might be "unbearable" for all but the most casual of users. ;)

    On a side note, I've noticed there's now a "Show downloads" button to the left of the Search Field:

    Image (http://forums.macrumors.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=283487&stc=1&d=1304105242)

    Hmm, a lot of new white UI elements(this and Quick Look). I wouldn't be surprised if Apple started offering Macs with a white bezel option.

    Nov 23, 05:02 PM
    I hate to be a grumble guts but why is this on page 1??

    It's not a rumour and it only applies to Apple in the U.S... and maybe Canada...

    Maybe I'm just pissed off I'm in the UK. No thanksgiving!! :p

    Apr 6, 11:16 PM
    Microsoft is doing the smart thing by basing W8 on W7 and refining with a smaller collection of new features/improvements instead of trying everything new like they did with Vista. They are not going overboard this time around and they're also pushing to do <3 year release cycle. I hope they do another smart thing by actually decreasing the price of their SKUs a bit while reducing the SKUs as well. W8 Home for 150$ and W8 Pro for 250$, remove the Ultimate SKU.

    Windows 8 is rumored to have a new feature called History Vault that's similar to Time Machine, so it'd be interesting to see how it works out.

    Please note that it's not fair to compare both right now. They both say things but it does not mean that those features will show up in the final build. W7 changed a lot from the first beta to the final release due to their massive beta test program. Microsoft is likely to repeat the same beta test project with W8 because of the massive success it bought to W7.

    Apr 9, 03:28 AM

    Pokemon DSI, with pokemon black for �99 \M/

    Jan 9, 03:27 PM

    I just searched for something on google and saw it all.



    Nov 24, 05:03 PM
    The video iPod discount is a snoozer... PC/Mac Connection have been selling the 5.5G 30 gig video iPod for $219 after rebate for awhile now. I'd have to pay tax buying from the Apple store vs. no tax at PC Connection.

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